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Women Entrepreneurs,

93% of women small business owners in Canada consider technology extremely important or very important to the success of their company, yet 46% do not know where to go to learn about digital solutions.                                                    

I've Got Your Back.

If you have ever said...

"I don't have time to explore new technologies"
"I'm too nervous to try new software."
"I didn't even know that solution existed."
"That technology is for guys."
"I'm not an early adopter of technology."
"There are too many options."

Let's Make This Easy.

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Hi, I'm Katrina German.

I've been there. 

I’m an award-winning entrepreneur that has been playing in the digital world for 15 years. For the last four years I was the CEO and cofounder of a technology startup.

Google was my best friend as I struggled through the challenges of starting, operating and scaling a small business...there are a lot of software solutions out there!

I've tried and tested all sorts of technologies. Let me save you some time and allow me to share the best tricks and tools for running your business.

My ideal is for you to use technology and automations to feel more organized, reach your clients in a more effective way and make more money. 

I'll walk you through it.

Let's do this,



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  • How to automate the delivery of your social media content
  • How to increase the Search Engine Optimization of your blog post titles and content
  • How to make something trend on Twitter
  • How to use Facebook ads to test an idea
  • How to use Google Analytics to understand how people are using your website
  • How to add captions to Facebook live videos
  • How to create a content calendar for social media


  • How to organize your sales team using tech tools
  • How to communicate with a virtual team
  • How to create a video of your screen for training purposes
  • Inexpensive and free ways to video conference your meetings


  • How to organize your tasks using tech tools
  • How to see if someone has read your email after you send it
  • How to significantly minimize the time spent booking meetings
  • How to keep all of your passwords straight
  • How to find the right tool for tracking time



The "Secrets of Storytelling" newsletter is FREE for the first month. When you fall in love with the training I will request a payment of $19 per month to keep the content rocking.  (My kids want to eat. Like Every. Single. Day) 


“Katrina showed me several tools that have helped me save time and money in my marketing and design. She knows software and she knows how to make it easy.”
— Kristi Knippel, Mortgage Broker and Business Owner
...[Katrina] does everything in her power to create the best overall experience to promote her clients to reach their target market. Katrina, more so then any one I have ever met, works tremendously hard to deliver an excellent product and service for all those she works with.
— George Borovec, Advisor at Invest Ottawa

I'm ready.

I'm ready to learn about technology and tools to make my business better.

I'm ready to use technology to take my company to the next level.

Let's Do This.